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Over the last dozen years I’ve written a lot of articles that have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines. It’s something that I always wanted to do as part of a career in an outdoor related field. Guiding was a part of that until the physical part of the sport took it’s toll on my aging body. Over 5,000 games of softball combined with the football and basketball leagues I played have made for plenty of aches and pains. Getting older also make picking my times to fish, golf, write and spend time with my family more important. Guiding is a tough job and I respect all who make a living at it such as my friend Dale Stroschein. T Plus, I actually enjoy and wanted to be a published outdoor writer far more then I wanted to guide. Being a public figure of sorts and having an opinion can be difficult at times. Sometimes you make friends, and sometimes you don’t. But I figure if you were friends with everybody, you couldn’t afford to have a cookout.

Anyway, here are links to the original articles I’ve had published over the last few years. As I find copies of more stored on disk, I will put those up too. I’ll also take some time to add pictures to each after I get them all up for reading. UPDATED 5/7/11

Midwest Outdoors
Wisconsin Outdoor News
Dick Ellis’ On Wisconsin Outdoors
Wolf River Experience
Outdoor Gazette