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Midwest Outdoors July 2008

How About A Hot Time On The Old River Tonight
By Joel “Doc” Kunz

Although more likely to look for the best walleye fishing around, there are times when the lure of a good tug on the line is just too much to pass up. I am also not fond of hot, humid weather. But, no matter what the temperature is, there is a “bite” that is often way too good to ignore. that is the channel catfish here on the Wolf River. Although flathead numbers are down, there are numerous year classes of channel cats that are providing some very good fishing for those interested.

My favorite way to catch a bunch of catfish is to go night fishing. Not that you can’t catch plenty of cat fish during the day if you know what you are doing. But, night fishing can provide a more relaxing time with less interruptions, especially from boat traffic. All you need is a little wind to keep the bugs from being too bad. Well along with plenty of bug spray or one of those candles that help to keep mosquitos at bay. All you need is a medium action rod, some cut bait or night crawlers and deep water to catch some fish. Since deep water comes on almost every bend in the Wolf River, a look at the map will show there are countless spots to fish. Some are very close to access points which limits the amount of travel you need to do at night. Make sure to bring an extra battery powered light for tying of rigs or unhooking fish. Once anchored, put a lantern as far to the back of the back boat and make sure to have a reflector to limit the amount of light allowed “in” the boat. This will also help to limit the bugs. You can use a Wolf River rig or simple slip weight to get your presentation down to the bottom. Twelve to fourteen pound test is my suggestion as is a 7 foot rod, but don’t let the lack of specific tackle keep you from fishing. A long handled net is another suggestion as it helps you net fish at a greater distance from the boat., when you usually get your first, and best shot at a big fish. And if you get lucky enough to hook a flathead, it might just be a big fish. Although ever more rare due to numerous factors, flatheads of 35+ pounds, AND BIGGER, are found in these waters.


A benefit for the Wolf River Sturgeon Trail located just west of New London, this family oriented and fun filled event has held some very interesting competitions in the past. The areas top river rat is usually crowned at this after showing a variety of specific talents and fireworks always closes the day. Entertainment for this fantastic family day in New London include activities for kids, music, old-fashioned fun and games including frog jumping, pie eating contests, petting zoo, kids games, food, beverages, and fun on the Wolf River. Held Friday July 4th, 2008 it’s a GREAT way to kick of my birthday weekend. If you’re still in town I’ll see you at the VFW Sunday night when I celebrate 52.

New Honey A Great Way To Spice Up Your Cooking

Made here in New London, Fish & Game Gourmet Spiced Honey is a great way to add a quick and interesting flair to your cooking. It’s not hard to envision the Chipotle / Lemon on fish as being good, but try it on chicken wings for a great new and refreshing taste. Made to be simple and easy, use near completion of cooking or add a drizzle at serving. It’s ALL NATURAL and has no preservatives which makes it a great addition compared to so many products out there. A light dusting of flour and a drizzle of Fish & Game Gourmet, and you’ve got a taste you will love. Try it on bacon wrapped scallops and you’re giving your favorite fish fry some competition.

So whether your here for the fireworks or the river rat challenge, July is a great time to be fishing here in Wolf River Country. You should have few problems catching a good number of fish including some walleye in the mornings. If you find the right bunch of fish, your limit is only to how much fun you will have catching your five for the frying pan.


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