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March Roars, Brings To Life Spring Fever

Sundays thunderstorms will definitely add flow to the Wolf River and her tributaries. Fishing had already been good for most anglers as walleye continue to bite most mornings and afternoons. The additional flow should continue to draw fish and actually could kick off the progression to ice off no matter what the air temperature does. Water levels rising and the influx of warmer rain water will start eating at the shoreline ice. Other areas will open due to increased sunshine, exposing areas with dark bottoms able to gather the thermal properties of the sun. That will allow areas of warmer water to build and eventually larger areas of open water. Some shorelines are already open due to the increased flow caused by this years abundance of snow. That doesn’t mean that ice fishing is over. Actually areas of fishable ice should continue to provide good action for walleye right up to the point where foot traffic is aided by use of Jon boats. Box tip ups are standard equipment in the area but an increasing number of anglers are turning to the jig stick to catch walleye through the ice. Long lining tactics that use Dacron line to carry tiny jigs along flats is a popular method pioneered by bait shop owner Don Cashmore. If there are walleye in the area, it works very well once you’ve got the knack for it. I like using Odd Ball jigs or specially made shad darts tipped with a shiner on a slight angle away from the hole. I still target inside bends and places off the main current. An important tip is to remember to drill your hole on an angle with the current. When you catch one, it will help you get the fish out on top of the ice.

ICE BREAKER III All Set To Provide Area Info

An ‘ALL STAR” lineup of speakers is ready to discuss the fishing on the Winnebago system this weekend, March 8 & 9, at Critters Sports in Winneconne. From tips and tactics on how to catch a trophy during the up run, to catching post spawn fish in the lakes and rivers, Ice Breaker III has the right person in the lineup. Pro’s such as Daryl Christensen, Dave VanOss, Tommy Kemos and Jason Przekurat are all well known walleye anglers who have spent a great deal of time here on the Winnebago system. Due to the size of the system and variety of ways walleye are caught here, Wolf River Country and the Winnebago system are the perfect proving grounds for learning to catch the oft elusive walleye. Add the number of tournaments held on the system each year and it’s easy to see why these anglers place such strong importance in being able to catch walleye here. Fine tuning crawler harness tactics, slip-bobbering methods and jigging techniques is combined with understanding fish movements and seasonal locations to provide the best fishing. Coming to ICE BREAKER III is the best way to get a head start on that process from guys who know how to catch these fish consistantly. Add local walleye “experts” Scott ‘Axl’ Ehricke and myself, and if you don’t learn something about walleye fishing, I’ll make sure you are in the line up teaching next year. Scott will discuss fishing the reefs during the spring and summer and I will be talking about night fishing and getting the most out of the pre-spawn bite.

State Champion Jim Barczak Leads “Bass” Lineup.

Don’t forget our bass fishing here! Many anglers do not know the great strength of our bass fishing here in Wolf River Country and on Lake Winnebago. Some are introduced to it by accident when they catch a big small mouth while trolling or working a reef for walleye. I mean after all, small mouth like leeches, night crawlers and shad baits too. So what it really comes down to is location and presentation. Walleye and bass could be together on the rocks or even in the thick weeds of the shallow bays. Bass anglers catch walleye quite often in May and June throwing small hard baits, plastics and spinner baits in less then 2 feet of water. But they also catch quality largemouth and small mouth bass on the system all year round and Fremont resident Jim Barczak is one of the hottest sticks around. Winner of 7 tournaments in 2007, Jim is the reigning BASS Federation Nation State Champion. He also took a second at the nationals on Lake Erie in Ohio, winning his second fully rigged bass boat in a 7 day period. A design engineer at Mercury Racing, Jim is sure to entertain the crowd with his knowledge of bass fishing on the Wolf River and Winnebago system, and his knowledge of going fast.

DON’T MISS THIS EVENT - IT’S FREE. Plus there will be plenty of tackle, local products, a “PRIZE POND” sponsored by Yar-Craft, A Techno-Hunt competition each day and more. Contact Critters Sports at (920) 582-0471 for more information. Seminar times and other information is available on my web site at SEE YOU THERE!


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