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ICE BREAKER III Perfect Tonic To Snowy Winter

So, if you are anything like me, you are in dire need of a few spring like days. Not one for long rides on the snowmobile myself, I am still thankful that my “sledding” friends have had such a great year to ride in the area. But, I am tired of the snow and cringe at the forecast of another dousing of the icy white stuff. Yet, I do know that this much snow in our area is a rare treat that provides many benefits beyond the great trail riding. But still, I’m done shoveling, scraping, salting and dealing with it all in general. Even reports of good ice fishing for walleye isn’t providing enough incentive to get me out on the frozen river. On nice days I’ve been too busy and when I have had the time, it’s been 20 below. So, like many of you out there, all I’ve had is TV fishing shows and visions of spring days to keep me going. Well, that and couples bowling league every two weeks and a a few nights out for a little Karaoke mixed in. But that’s not enough to curb the need for a tug on the line, and certainly pales in comparison to catching a 8 to 10 pound walleye or a limit of eaters. So, I need ICE BREAKER III about as much as all of you. Just getting together with that many fishermen HAS to be good karma and should be a day that gives us enough inner fuel to make it until the river starts flowing. I know that it does for me. The excitement brought forth by the event always gets me out in the garage, sharpening jigs, changing line and greasing reels. So make sure to stop out in Winneconne March 8 & 9, 2008 for the FREE Fishing Show you’ve been waiting for.


SAT. 9:30 AM -"Tips & Tactics For Pre-spawn Walleye"
Joel "Doc" Kunz is one of the areas best known Outdoor Writers after earning his stripes in 10 years of guiding out of Tuffy;s Bait Shop and Larry & Jan's Resort, both in Fremont. Veteran of nearly 50 TV Shows, Doc has been featured on Good Fishing with Babe Winkelman, Outdoor Wisconsin with Dan Small, John Gillespie's Waters & Woods, Bob Jensen's Fishing the Midwest, and Hitting the Outdoors with Brian Noble. He is a regular contributor to Midwest Outdoors Magazine, Wisconsin Outdoor News and the Outdoor Gazette. You are SURE to learn from this rare seminar opportunity. Doc will also host the panel discussions following each featured speaker.

SAT 11:00 AM -"Crawler Harness Tactics For The "Bago" System
Dave VanOss is a local fishing Pro who has made a name for himself as a quiet but tough competitor who is a threat to win most any tournament he enters, especially on the Winnebago System. Dave is an expert at trolling and the use of crawler harnesses for catching walleye on the system. Dave is sure to teach you the locations, methods, patterns and tactics needed to catch walleye on the upper lakes and on Lake Winnebago this year. Make sure to catch this seminar if you want to improve your summer fishing

SAT 1:30 PM - " Bass Fishing The Winnebago System"
Jim Barczak is more then an up and coming name in the BASS fishing world, Jim won 7 tournaments in 2007 alone. A design engineer at Mercury Racing in Fond du lac, he is known for his knowledge of both bass fishing and going fast. That is something Bass Tournament anglers are usually thinking about as sometimes it's not just the spot, but being first one to get there. But don't let the speed end of it fool you, Jim can catch fish and has proved it winning 2 fully rigged bass boats in 2007 alone, including a win at the State BASS Federation Championship and second at Nationals in Ohio. If you want to learn about the great bass fishing here on the Winnebago system, ICE BREAKER III is the place to be. As a special treat, members of the National Champion WI State BASS Federation Team will join the following panel discussion.

SAT 4:00 PM - "Walleye Tips & Tactics For The Winnebago System"
Tommy Kemos cut his teeth on the Winnebago system while fishing in numerous tournaments as a young man. A native of the Oconomowoc area, Winnebago was a short drive and a great proving ground for cultivating his dream of being a Professional Angler. Tom took those early lessons, both success and failure and turned it in to a quick rise to being title holder of PWT CHAMPION and current #2 position on the World Walleye Rankings. That says a lot about his ability to catch walleyes in many different situations. Tom's bio on the NPAA web site says that jigging is his favorite technique and Lake Winnebago is his favorite place to catch walleye. Don't miss this seminar and following panel discussion SURE to be full of great walleye fishing information.


10:30 AM - "Walleye In The Upper Lakes & Rivers Of The System"
Daryl Christensen is a Professional fishing Icon who is well known for his live bait and jigging techniques. Daryl grew up on the Fox River in Montello and was one of the pioneers of tournament fishing in Wisconsin, having won both walleye and bass fishing events. Besides a career in tournament fishing, Daryl has written a number of books. Some strictly on fishing and some with an inspirational message hewn from his years on the water and as a man of faith. One thing for sure, Daryl knows how to catch walleye and a lot about how to catch them here on the Winnebago system including the Wolf and Fox Rivers. Don't miss this seminar and chance to get up close and personal with one of the true trailblazers of competitive fishing.

12:30 PM - "Catching Walleye On The Winnebago Reefs"
Scott "Axl" Ehricke is a well known area guide and radio show host who fishes Lake Winnebago 100% of his fishing days on the system. He doesn't fish the Wolf River in the spring, preferring to catch walleye out on the big lake where a percentage of the fish actually spawn each year. Scott is an expert at catching fish on the reefs by jig or slip bobber and is also known for working contours with his well known "Scootchie Rig". Learn all about catching walleye out on Lake Winnebago year round and stock up on some "Scootchie Rigs", they are a great presentation when the crawler harnesses are working.

2:30 PM - "Catching Walleyes In The Wolf & Fox River"
Jason Przekurat is the reigning FLW Angler of the Year and is listed as the current #1 angler in the World Walleye Rankings. A highly successful tournament angler whose home waters are those of the Wisconsin River, the Stevens Point resident has been an avid walleye angler and tournament participant for years. A "river rat" of sorts himself, Jason has spent many hours fishing the Wolf River and Winnebago system. A past MWC Champion, multiple tournament winner and 2 time FLW Angler of the Year, Jason is a great guy to learn from when it comes to catching walleyes. This is another great opportunity to learn from one of the BEST walleye anglers in the country, don't miss it!

Add the chance to win a vacation at Eagle Lake Island Lodge, a Motorguide trolling motor, underwater cameras and lots of other stuff, and you’ve got plenty of reasons to show up in Winneconne March 8 or 9th. Factory reps will be there from numerous tackle companies along with lots of local products and new innovations such as the Drop-n-Stay anchor system. There will be boats there from Yar Craft, Tuffy, Triton, Bass Cat and Ranger too. Filet King will be there along with numerous tournament organizations, sports and conservation clubs plus DNR fisheries biologist Kendall Kamke. Best of all, it’s FREE.


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