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Bay of Green Bay Ice Action Rockin’

Although the perch bite might not be what some are looking for, places such as Little Sturgeon Bay are seeing good numbers of smaller fish being caught. Some jumbo’s are showing up here and there, but nothing consistent has been happening. Other perch fishing areas are reporting much of the same as far as hit and miss action for the bigger fish. That’s not surprising considering the weather pattern as of late. One bite that has been steady is the white fish. Jigging Rapala’s fished in deep water have been taking limits of the hard fighting silver fish. This is some good eating too whether smoked or cooked in a traditional Door County fish boil. With a ten fish limit and weights ranging from 3 to 7 pounds it’s easy for a couple of anglers to catch a feast for the family.

There’s another Door County ice time favorite that is walleye. Door County is known for producing trophy fish along with good catches of smaller fish at times. That’s due to continued stocking efforts in the area that have bolstered the population and the releasing of non-trophy female fish. There are still some anglers who feel no remorse in taking a 3 - 5 pound fish, but those numbers are dwindling. More and more the true sportsman’s attitude is coming through on this body of water as these fish are being released and let grow to trophy size. Fish of 8 and 9 pounds don’t meet that criteria anymore with walleye over 10 pounds being the sought after prize. It’s an attitude that has helped to produce walleye reaching 12 pounds and more.

There’s no person I know who has a better track record, knowledge, equipment and luck for these fish then Dale Stroschein. Not only has he held the World Record for a walleye caught ice fishing but has caught more 10 pound plus fish on the Bay then anyone I know. His ice fishing schools are legendary for being informative and for giving people the tools needed for catching big walleye. If you are looking for an ice guide that will give you the BEST opportunity to catch a trophy class Door County walleye, contact Dale Stroschein’s Wacky Walleye Guide Service at his Sand Bay Beach Resort toll free at 888-879-5548.


So what makes up a good “Fishing Show”? Well, to this organizer it’s putting together a good line up of speakers and people who can bring copious amounts of fishing information. A good fishing show here in Wolf River Country should also highlight some of the new fishing machines available and have a good selection of tackle and fishing equipment at rocj bottom prices. Well ICE BREAKER III has all of that and more. Speakers include PWT Champion Tom Kemos, local PWT Pro Dave Van Oss and long time tournament fishing icon Daryl Christensen along with a good core of other local speakers. That list includes “Axl” Ehricke and even myself, who will give seminars and join the panel discussions to talk about the great walleye fishing on the Wolf River and Winnebago system. But this year we are adding something more. Rob Peterson will be on hand to provide a seminar on using plastics for Muskies and the opportunities for big Muskies on the lower lakes of the Wolf River system. Another highlight should be area bass angler Jim Barczak who was the winner of the 2007 WBFN State Tournament. Jim brings a great deal of knowledge on fishing the expansive Winnebago and Wolf River system for both small mouth and large mouth bass.

How about boats. Mercury powered walleye machines from Yar Crafy, Tuffy, Triton and more should be on hand to look at. There might even be a bass boat or two. As far as tackle, there should be a great display of local tackle plus Critters has commitments from a number of reps and distributors to make ICE BREAKER III a place to get a good deal on what you are looking for. From spinner rigs to the best beef jerky you may have ever had, ICE BREAKER III should have it. Even a trout pond.

So make sure to be at ICE BREAKER III, March 8 & 9, 2008 at Critters Sports in Winneconne for the BEST fishing information available on the entire Winnebago and Wolf River system. For more information on topics such as this and the areas great fishing, make sure to check out Doc’s Wolf River Country.Com Joel “Doc” Kunz is a freelance outdoor writer / photographer published weekly by Outdoor Gazette. His work is also seen in many other Wisconsin and Midwest publications. He is a recent READERS CHOICE award winner and a member of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers. He is a Pro Team member of Triton Boats, Mercury Marine, Motorguide & Lindy Little Joe.


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