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Video production has always been a love of mine. It started back in high school with a mass media class project. With the help of friends and classmates, we shot and produced "Shoot Out At The WEO Coral". "WEO" was a tag line being used in advertising by a local grocery chain so we panned the theme. We used a friend and her sisters horses, had a poolroom scene and the obligitory damsel in distress on the train track. We got A's and the film remianed with the teacher at his request. Over the years, that left a buring ember that hoped to film and produce some video. I've been fortunate to be a part of the filming of over 30 TV shows, mostly on the Wolf River. I always took the time to ask questions and learn with each opportunity. With my switch to a Mac, I now have the tools neccessary to produce video on my own. I've already done a instructional fishing DVD with Daryl Christensen and a few short projects. I've also signed contracts to produce at least 2 more fishing industry DVD's and one for a golf course. I'm looking forward to more projects and I am available for hire at reasonable rates. I also hope to produce some comedy clips for my YouTube channel when I have the time.

Please Visit My You Tube Channel To See My Current Video Projects.


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