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Taking pictures is an art. I learned that a long time ago when I first started submitting photos to publishers to support articles I had written. Most were not of high enough quality to get published or appeared small and incidental on the page. Since those days I've been lucky to spend time with some of the outdoor worlds top photographers. Mike Seeling, photo editor for Game & Fish Publications and Mike Norris are just two that come to mind. I listened closely to Mike Jackson, outdoor media mogul from Chicagoland, and studied what wss taking place before me. Most of those were shoots with Dale Stroschein or Keith Kavajecz, and I was lucky to be there. Now, years later, I've had some cover shots of my own published and look forward to new opportunities coming about with On Wisconsin Outdoors, Wolf River Country Magazine and Badger Sportsman. I'm also looking forward to sharing some simple landscapes and sunsets with you.





Please enjoy these few photographs until I have my complete photo gallery in place.

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