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I've always loved stories, my Dad told a LOT of them. I can't say I loved every story he ever told, but through them I learned a lot from a man who quit school at age 13 to help support the family during the "Great Depression". My Dad knew the formula for life included hard work, but was in my opinion, a bit over the top when it came to it. He taught me how to fish and he also gave me my first piece of the pride in seeing your own words in print. You see my Dad was a writer who was published numerous times in the Milwaukee Journal or most notably in Readers Digest. He wrote many "Hunor In Uniform" and "Life In These United States" stories that were published, letting me find them on my own as I read the monthly copy he always provided. My writing was something I know he was proud of, often finding copies hidden in his pile of packaging information. He was a well known packaging engineer, innovator and industry leader who was as well known for his knowledge of packaging as he was for his stories and charity work. He inspired me to write as a young man and is a strong part of the reason I have any career as an outdoor writer. Other early influences like english teachers Gordon Saron and Clark Beier were also important although "spell check" on my computer is the biggest factor. Mentors such as Dan Small and Mike Jackson have also been a major part of any success as have the many editors I work with including Dean Bortz, Dick Ellis, Gordy Pagel and Dena Kollman.

Hunz, written July, 2009 ~ Old Time Rock N Roll , written Nove 11, 2009 - A River Of Life 12/22/09


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