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The Cover Shot

The day I took this photo, I was fortunate to be a part of a fairly high profile photo shoot in Door County. Some of the nations top outdoors people were there shooting photos for Berkley and Frabill. Names like Mike Jackson, Mike Seeling, Mike Norris and Ron Sinfelt were among the high profile cameramen often in attendance. I'm not sure what the line up was this day, but I remember that it was high profile. Guys in waders getting low camera angle shots. Freshly caught fish brought in, photographed and released . At the time, I was generally Dale Stroschein's right hand man when it came to such matters. I was doing his web site work and writing some articles with him. I was also learning to take the kind of photographs that the publishers were looking for. Learning by sitting back, watching the action and by taking some shots of the "event". Besides shooting some behind the scenes stuff, I mostly help by keeping track of the many shirts and hats being worn in the pictures and by keeping certain details organized. I remember this time as I sat back and listened, watching what was being done. I saw how camera angle and and lighting were so important and how to properly handle a fish for a photo shoot. I learned a few tricks of the trade and made friends with a man who remains my mentor and confidant in the outdoor world, Mike Jackson. With a rarely matched sense of humor and typical "Chicagoland Bravado", MIke and I were a perfect pair of un-matched bookends. As the sun set, everyone scrambled to capture the fleeting moments of perfect light conditions. Cameras clicked and flashed until the light disappeared in the area we were shooting. Satisfied everyone started gathering their equipment, ready to head in to the Sunset Bar & Grill for dinner and a drink. As everyone headed into the bar, I quickly went back to the dock to get my jacket out of the boat. It was then that I received this gift from God and the mini stage show provided by the large heron in the photo. It only lasted a few moments as the sun and heron quickly disappeared and the bright window into the world went black. Since that day I've always remarked how with so many photographers and so many cameras on that dock, that the most important picture almost got away. The one that reminds us of the Great Spirit and of the beauty around us.


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